Okay, you’ve written the great and commercial song and made the amazing demo.  Now what?  It’s time to get the song – and maybe yourself as the artist – out there.  But how? 

Tough question, with no easy answers.  But at least I know the hard answers, and I can help.  I will guide you through what it takes and how the music business works:  the steps necessary to become a successful artist or songwriter, writing and producing songs and music for film and t.v., live performance, and the arcane areas of music publishing and record deals – pretty much anything relating to the creation of music for commercial usages or presentation of yourself as an artist or a songwriter.

Do you want to be a hit songwriter? Of course, you do! we offer you a fantastic opportunity. The chance to have songwriting reviewed by one of the best in the biz offering you constructive feedback on your song and lyrics with mind-blowing tips on how to make your song commercial. 
 we accept all songs for critique, whether established, credited songwriters or beginners just starting out! Hey, even if it’s the first song you've ever written.
All you need to do is send us your track and lyrics via email and then you get to chat, via live video feed. 

We know….awesome eh?!
We look forward to hearing from you.

Mentorship programs are for songwriters/artists who want the opportunity to work one on one, for a month, who will also advise on promoting your song/s, possibly leading to introductions to agents, managers, and publishers. 

This is a fantastic and unique opportunity so what are you waiting for?!

We also offer studio recording sessions and vocal production.
To book a studio recording session, for more details on prices or for more information on any of our services please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Have you always wanted to write that one beautiful hit song!  Being a good songwriter and performer is all about practice. You need to be humble enough to learn from the greats but confident enough in yourself to share your thoughts and melodies with the world. Being a good songwriter like being any other musician, requires practice, experimentation, and some study.

have a consulting session with our songwriting gurus to take your songwriting career to the next level.

will help you to take your songwriting and performance skills to the next level.   You will hang out with hitmaker Jud and learn the tools used to write hit songs, memorable lyrics, and that killer hook

collaborate and perform

 with his wealth of experience and knowledge, he will help you move your songwriting to the next level and advise on how to navigate your way through the music business side and get your demos and yourself out there!


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Please note all payments for all events and services are non-refundable.