Including a One-on-one Songwriting and Mentoring Session

4 - 7 March 2023
Only 4 Spots available

Weekend Songwriting workshop
4 - 5 March
Only 6 Spots Available.

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Jud Friedman is a 6-time Grammy, Oscar, Golden Globe nominated, award-winning, Billboard No.1 Hit songwriter

who has had hits with Whitney Houston, James Ingram, Tina Turner, LeAnn Rimes, Rod Stewart, Ray Charles, and many many more.


What makes a great song? A HIT song? How do you break through as a songwriter?

How are songwriters actually making - or not making – money these days? 

How can you best use your interests and talents to monetize your music?

Collaboration is a HUGE part of the modern music business and anyone who wants to be a professional songwriter.

How does one succeed as a songwriter in today's "real world", not the classroom?

What does it take or even mean to write a "great" song or a "hit"?


What can you do to have the best chance of getting your music heard in the modern world? 

​Why is collaboration so helpful both creatively and on a business level? Are you writing hits?  If not, what's missing? 

What do you really need to know about the "business" side of music?

 Why does a song "work" or "not work"

Okay, you’ve written a great and commercial song and made an amazing demo.  Now what?  It’s time to get the song – and maybe yourself as the artist – out there.  But how? 

Tough question, with no easy answers.  But at least I know the hard answers, and I can help.  I will guide you through what it takes and how the music business works:  the steps necessary to become a successful artist or songwriter, writing and producing songs and music for film and t.v., live performance, and the arcane areas of music publishing and record deals – pretty much anything relating to the creation of music for commercial usages or presentation of yourself as an artist or a songwriter. 

 I will provide all the answers and help in all areas:  generating and developing your ideas, lyrics, music,  the difference between writing for yourself as an artist and writing for someone else,  what makes a great lyric and melody and how to make collaborations work.  I will show how you to avoid the common pitfalls of new and even established writers, such as lyrical cliches and “old” chord structures, and how to be ready when – as often happens – you are called upon to make changes to your music quickly, even in the studio while a song is being recorded. And always, we will keep our eyes on the ball of writing something that is not only great but also contemporary and commercial.

Join me and let us write that hit song!  Jud Friedman.

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Fee - $2999

​*Song analysis *Constructive feedback *Music business Q&A *Option of One Of Your Songs to Be Professionally Produced (If Desired) *Collaborate With Others on The Retreat *Co-Writing with Jud's Oversight *Positive and Constructive Help To Make Your Songs The Best They Can Be *Writing for TV Show or Film- Sync Placements *Learn the steps to break through to musical stardom as an artist and/or writer *One-on-One Sessions with Jud *Record a demo


“Jud and I have worked together since the beginning of our respective careers.  He’s actually one of the first songwriters that peermusic signed after I started with the firm.  The man knows how to write hit songs!  

In fact, he should give lessons on the perfect structure of writing pop hits. On top of his creative talent, he has a wicked intelligence and a great sense of humor.”

–Kathy Spanberger President and Chief Operating Officer, peermusic

 "The best thing about Jud is his passion. Not just for music but for people. He is one of the rare kinds of individuals in the music industry that truly cares. He knows that helping others become successful is rewarding on both a business and a personal level and that's what you truly need".

Steven Gould.  


It was great to learn from Jud. His insight, guidance, and support were so helpful.  And having the opportunity to collaborate with other writers, and learn how to do this was priceless. Met some really lovely people too!  Jon- Singer-songwriter London UK

I loved being on this course. So many constructive and valuable ideas. I looked forward to being there every week. I met other songwriters and did some great collaborations.

Rebecca Turner- Singer-songwriter London UK

"Jud brings a brilliant mix of seasoned expertise and heartfelt openness to the creative energy of the moment. He fosters a safe, comfortable, and warmhearted learning space… Highly recommended to anyone looking to establish, improve, or master their songwriting abilities!!!” 

“Jud is an amazing teacher! He was able to listen to my songs and critique and give me some amazing pointers to make my songs more commercial friendly. Plus his knowledge of the business and getting songs placed was phenomenal!  Was just an amazing experience.”