Jud Friedman Songwriting masterclass webinar 

Hello to all of you who have signed up for my upcoming, soon to be mythical Online Live Intensive Songwriting class.


My goal, as with all the Intensive Songwriting workshops/classes I do both in-person and online, is to help you take your songwriting to another level and have a lot of fun doing so...and at this moment in history, to give everyone a short break from Netflix. :)


We will be doing the ISQ&A via ZOOM. 

The code will be sent to all participants via email on the day of the workshop we will also send you a reminder approx an hour before we are about to start.


WORKSHOP ATTENDEES, please email EITHER 1)a question about songwriting OR 2)a song you wrote (or co-wrote) - an mp3 AND a lyric on a word document to jfsongwriters@gmail.com. During the Class, I will respond to your question or comment on your song and then speak briefly with you.  


The One-on-One questions are totally up to you but here are some possible areas we can explore:


1)What are the most important qualities of a great song or a "hit"?  Are there really any rules? 


2How important are lyrics, melody, harmony/chord changes, structure, etc. these days?  


3)How does collaboration work and why is it so valuable both creatively and on a business level?


4)What is the difference between traditional "songwriting” versus “production” oriented writing, e.g. writing to a track ("toplining")? 

For those of you who have opted for the £20 option, I hope you have a lot of fun watching, listening, and learning about writing great songs! 


See you all online soon...  Get ready to roccccckkkk!  

All the best,