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Please note all payments for all events and services are non-refundable.

    Six-time Oscar, Grammy, Golden Globe, Soul Train nominated

    award-winning Billboard No 1 hit songwriter and record producer for many superstars worldwide including the

     Classic hit



    (Chaka Khan-Toni Braxton- Rod Stewart- LeAnn Rimes- Barbara Streisand- TinaTuner)

    Intensive Songwriting Workshop

    Jud Friedman


    Lunch Included.

    15th-16th February 2020


    Held at state of the art Catalyst production studios in Edmonton Canada run by Juno Award winner Corey Johnson who will also be giving a presentation and Q&A on Production and engineering each evening from 5 pm.

    Also unique to our workshops you will record a demo of your song written in your collaboration at the workshop on Sunday which will be produced by Catalyst-

    also included in the fee

    through our Affiliate Song Heroes: Radio plugging. Distribution through universal. Three months of social media promotion.

    For more details please see the workshop info below.

    This offer is valid three months from the workshop date and applies to any original song off standard.

    Now Taking Deposits for our workshop and studio sessions in FLORENCE ITALY April 11-12 Including Lunch.

     One on One workshop writing/recording Sessions available: from the 14th April

    Our workshops are unique in that we spend time working with and developing each individual. If you'd like to take your career as a songwriter or an artist to another level  





    An intensive one-day private studio session in which Jud will work on both the writing and/or the recording of one or more of your songs, you will decide to what extent and how much time you want to focus on one or the other of those goals! Ultimately it is your session and we want to make sure you get out of it as much as possible.

    Jud will be spending a full day in the studio with you!

    mentoring every aspect of your songwriting, offering advice and guidance throughout the production of your vocal and track recording.

    Our studio sessions also include radio plugging via our affiliate Song Heroes- distribution through Universal and three months promotion for one of your original songs

    (valid for 3 months after your studio date).

    for availability and costings please contact:


    or fill out the contact form below.

    please note all payments are non-refundable.

    Write that hit song!

    Take your songwriting to another level!

    Collaborating songwriting sessions.

    Expert feedback and critique

    from our mentor and group sessions.

    Learn how to take your songwriting and your career to the next level.

    Network and make some serious music business connections.

    Jud Friedman Multiple Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe nominations for songs such as RUN TO YOU by Whitney Houston from “The Bodyguard” film and musical, FOR THE FIRST TIME by Kenny Loggins from the film "One Fine Day" and THE COLOR OF THE NIGHT by Lauren Christy from the film "Color of Night"; other hits including I DON’T HAVE THE HEART by James Ingram (#1 on the Billboard Hot 100) and I JUST HAD TO HEAR YOUR VOICE by Oleta Adams (#1 Billboard Adult Contemporary); numerous songs recorded by various other major artists, e.g. Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, Chaka Khan, Ray Charles, Toni Braxton, Leann Rimes, The Tenors, Dave Koz, Bebe & CeCe Winans, Right Said Fred, Charice, etc. Numerous songs used in films and television shows, e.g. BELIEVE IN ME from the t.v. movie "Michael Jackson Man in the Mirror" and DON'T LOSE HEART from the t.v. movie "Prince For A Day", which Jud also scored. Recently Jud and his long-time songwriting partner Allan Rich have had several Number One records with Italian divas Giorgia and Elisa and multiple other major records in various European territories. In March 2016 The Grammy Museum did a special night celebrating Jud and Allan’s more than 25 year career: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSGzTu6NOcA.M
    Jud and Deb James co-founded the Jud Friedman Intensive Songwriting Workshop, a 2-day seminar for songwriters of all ages and skill levels in which Jud critiques songs, oversees new collaborations and provides songwriting and music business mentoring. He is also a Professor at Los Angeles College of Music, teaching Songwriting, Collaboration (introductory and advanced) and Music Business Law and Contracts (introductory and advanced)



    1. For whom or what are you writing: yourself as an artist, other artists (and if so, which ones?), film, TV, music libraries, etc.? Do you want to be a rock star or hit songwriter, a "hobby" writer, or something in between? Your answers will significantly affect your approach as a writer.

    2. Song critiquing and feedback: Are you writing hits? If not, what's missing? Or are you aiming for another type of material/market and if so, are you hitting that mark? What makes a song "popular" and what is the connective tissue - if any - between all popular songs in various eras? How do your songs compare to the ones you love?

    3. What makes a great song demo and how do you make one?

    4. The differences between “song” versus “production” oriented music, ie. writing "organically"/"in the room" vs. making or writing to a track.

    5. Collaboration: why/why not? Collaborating in the room versus online. Splits issues.

    6. The real role and importance - or lack thereof - of classically "linear" lyrics in songs of various genres. The influence of hip-hop with its more abstract, stream of consciousness approach.




    1. What do you really need to know about the "business" side of music, and what do you absolutely need to do/not do to have the best chance of getting your music heard in the modern world? Strategies, good and bad? Tools - e.g. social media?

    2. What do publishers and performing rights organizations do and can they help?

    3. How important are record labels right now?

    4. What about music streaming companies like Spotify, and playlists?

    5. How are songwriters actually making - or not making - money these days? How can you best use your interests and talents to be able to pay the rent and hopefully have a little pizza money left over?

    6. What kind of person, personality and work ethic/approach is required to break through? How do you deal with and even learn from rejection? Are you well suited to be a songwriter...or should you be in the music business in some other capacity?

    7. What about "developing" an artist other than yourself and/or starting your own music company? Potential rewards and pitfalls?


    Song Heroes Music PR will work with  Artist -   with tracks for single release 

    Over a 3 month period and distribution via Universal Music distribution.  

    Dates of release to be mutually agreed with both parties.

      To include:
    Radio play for a potential 30,000 radio stations including FM, Community, and stations across America, UK, Italy, Brazil, France and much more.  
    Exposure will include regular feedback from me DJ's/ station managers and owners.
    You will be updated regularly on:
    DJ feedback and station manager's feedback.

    Evidence of radio requests and feedback, spin news and playlists/targets reports Plus Continued excellent support from myself and the DJ's.   
    This proposal is not a record contract,
    You keep full rights to your music. 100 non-exclusive agreement.
    I pride myself on being reliable, effective and transparent.


    Song Heroes.

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