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Hello to all of you who have signed up for my upcoming, soon-to-be mythical Online Live Intensive Songwriting Three-week course, whereas always my goal is to help you take your songwriting to another level and have a lot of fun doing so!

It will have several components. Attendees will play songs and I will give them brief one-on-one feedback from the perspective of what makes a song great - hopefully, a potential HIT - and why writing really special songs is the critical first step every aspiring Artist or Songwriter needs to take to become a star!

We will discuss how Collaboration works and why it is such an important skill for songwriters and artists to master. I will give attendees a co-writing assignment, break them into small groups and have them work on songs, with me overseeing (okay, annoying ) each group. Later our co-writers will play and we will discuss what they have written and what they learned from the process.

We also include Discussions and Q&A on all things Music Biz.. whatever your goal or interest is I am here to answer and guide you :)

For the song evaluations, before the first day of the workshop please email an mp3 only AND a lyric on a Word document size 20 font please of a song you wrote (or co-wrote) to

The ZOOM invitation will be sent to all participants via email on the first day of the course and we will send you a reminder approximately an hour before we are about to start.

See you all online soon. Get ready to roccccckkkk!  

All the best, 



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