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London- March 2019

I attended this great songwriting course at the beautiful Alice’s Loft studio in Wandsworth. Jud Friedman from L.A, songwriter extraordinaire mentored a group of 13 songwriters over 2 days on the art of writing a great song!  Everyone was asked to bring songs that they had written or recorded and play them to the group.  Jud critiqued each song in terms of song structure, lyrics and melody and gave us all constructive advice on how to improve our songs. 

We were then given 2 very different exercises to encourage us to collaborate as songwriters. In the first exercise, we were divided into groups of three and asked to come up with a song in any genre. We were encouraged to be as free as possible and just experiment in this group setting and see what we came up at the end of 3 hours. There was no pressure to come up with finished songs but even outlines of songs, a verse, a chorus or a jam were encouraged. At the end of this session, each group played the songs or beginnings of songs they had come up with to the rest of the students. The feedback from fellow songwriters was always very encouraging and supportive. 

In the second collaboration exercise, we were given a brief by Jud to try and write a track for a current artist. We were asked to choose an artist from a list, listen to their songs on YouTube and then try and write something in their style and for their musical personality. 

Both exercises were challenging, stimulating and fun! Writing with a couple of other songwriters one had never met before was a novel, enriching, and instructive experience! 

Tamara Barshchak

Everyone I talked to seemed to have the same opinion when traveling to the Workshop and that was that they would be the one with the worst song or least abilities. The truth was we were all hugely varied but all felt valued, supported and encouraged. The atmosphere was welcoming, challenging and nurturing. Jud was a wealth of information, sound advice and professional experience who made suggestions which he said we could accept or reject. He put us into groups, listened as we created and offered advice. We took the advice on board and approached our songwriting from a fresh, different angle. The results were exciting. We performed our songs, filled with bumbles and mistakes, to our new friends and then they followed suit.

The weekend was a fulfilling experience and one I would recommend without hesitation. . 

Tom McCleary

I don't usually attend workshops much anymore, but from the recommendation of a friend thought I'd give the "Global Songwriters Network a shot." The two days were lead by Jud Friedman who turned out to be a fantastic songwriting coach and a great guy. We spent the weekend working on collaboration and our writing along with a lot of great insight from the master. I left thinking to myself, "that was really worth doing".

John McCormack

private lesson

As a thirteen-year-old singer/songwriter, it was just amazing to get to play my songs for Jud.

He was so encouraging and gave me really helpful feedback and tips about my music and lyrics.

I’m already seeing improvements in the way I write my songs and have really gotten so much out of the one on one session.

Conor Marcus

The way Jud interacted with my thirteen-year-old son was wonderful. He struck just the right balance of praise

and constructive criticism. Clearly a gifted teacher, he helped Conor to see what he was doing right and where he could improve.

We will definitely be back to work with Jud again soon.

Joe Marcus.


LA. 9/2018. REVIEWS

I had an incredible experience at the Global Songwriters Network workshop in September 2018! We got the chance to share our songs, receive priceless critical feedback, and engage in several new co-writing sessions, each with different flavors and ideas bouncing around! Jud's expertise, experience, and genuine desire to help songwriters grow and thrive in today's world of music enriched everyone's way of thinking, whether we were experienced or very new to the game. I highly recommend these experiences for their capacity to develop your craft in unique ways - such dedicated time, space, and collaboration in a supportive environment with highly experienced mentors is invaluable!

Shivan Bonano. Singer-Songwriter, Intensive workshop. LA 9/2018

Jud Friedman is an amazing teacher! He was able to listen to my songs and critique and give me some amazing pointers to make my song more commercial-friendly! Plus his knowledge of the business and getting songs placed was phenomenal! I would definitely do his workshop again! I made some great new friends with so many talented writers! It was just an amazing experience. 

Shimmer Johnson.  Singer-Songwriter, Producer. Intensive workshop. LA 9/2018


The Songwriters Retreat with Jud in Los Angeles was truly magical. In the space of just a couple of days, our group of kindred songwriters forged a bond of shared creativity and compassionate critique. We laughed, played, experimented, and dared to share and learn from others. We discussed the art of songwriting on levels micro, macro, and everything in between. The retreat gave us the opportunity to workshop individual works in progress, as well as ample time to collaborate and co-write through highly creative impromptu sessions. As a leader, Jud brings a brilliant mix of seasoned expertise and heartfelt openness to the creative energy of the moment. He fosters a safe, comfortable, and warmhearted learning space in which to cultivate inspired and high-quality work. Highly recommended to anyone looking to establish, improve, or master their songwriting abilities!!! 

Andrea, Intensive workshop. LA 9/2018 Singer-Songwriter,

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